About Canadian Cosmetic Academy

How Our Story Began...

Medical Aesthetics training opens thousands of job opportunities for you. This field is an evolving field of practice. It means you need to continuously keep your knowledge up to date.

Dr. Masih founded the Canadian Cosmetic Academy in order to fill the need gap between the Basic Medical Aesthetics Training Courses that are being offered by the colleges and schools and what today's employers really need you to know.

With over 11 years’ experience practicing in the cosmetic field,  training many doctors and aesthetic professionals, as well as running and managing different cosmetic businesses, Dr. Masih exactly knows what you need to learn to fulfill job position criteria.

You will feel the difference when you take our Basic & Advanced Cosmetic Courses with the Canadian Cosmetic Academy. Unlike some other schools, our certificate programs are not just demonstrations, but include a comprehensive curriculum filled with theory, diagnosing & treatment tips, techniques, trade secrets & safety protocols.  The key factor is all of our certificate programs have been designed based on the “Hands-On Training” curriculum. It means our students get a chance to practice on models and feel confident enough to start working.

We always use the newest technologies for training purposes, if you already got trained with some old fashion devices, I have to say it’s not going to give you any chance to find a good job position.


At the Canadian Cosmetic Academy, we do care about your time and your budget. Our goal is to give you the most advanced hands-on training and make you professionally ready for a higher job position.

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Meet Our Team

Dr. Masih Gharavi

International Medical Graduate. Laser Specialist

Founder & CEO

Dr. Tarek Chbat




 Nurse Betty Khalili


Cosmetic & Injector RN



Educational Coordinator