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Dr.Tarek Chbat

MD. FRCPC, Anesthesiologist

Dr. Tarek Chbat is a fellow of the royal college of physicians of Canada and the college of physicians and surgeons of Ontario.

He graduated from the University of Ottawa medical school in 2011 and the University of Toronto anesthesia residency program in 2016.

He followed up by doing a chronic pain fellowship at St Michael hospital in Toronto.

He got his facial esthetics training in 2013 in Toronto and has been practicing for 8 years using modalities that include neurotoxins, dermal fillers, threads, and PRP.

His love for arts is what drew him towards this field and along with injecting on a regular basis, he teaches the injectables course. He truly believes that great results can be achieved only when injections skills and knowledge of anatomy are combined with advanced techniques and artistic approaches to the face

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