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Theory Class and Practice Hands-on Models

Course Outline

Canadian Cosmetic Academy offers a one-day workshop that is designed for healthcare professionals seeking to refresh or obtain phlebotomy skills that will enable them to draw blood as an added skill within their profession.

This workshop combines Phlebotomy theory and hands-on training. The practical portion includes a simulation by drawing venipunctures from a mannequin. 


Learners will develop the necessary skills to perform basic and advanced venipuncture safely while minimizing the risk of pre-analytical errors.  Emphasis is placed on both well-established and current “tips and techniques” for collecting blood samples quickly, and with minimal discomfort to the patient.


A skillfully executed phlebotomy procedure is required in PRP treatment. The increase in popularity of PRP treatments has to lead to a great impact on the demand for phlebotomists and has increased job opportunities for phlebotomists in these fields. The training of phlebotomy and venipuncture helps students apply their knowledge and skills for the application of PRP in all aesthetic, medical, dental, hair therapy, and pain management areas. 

Once courses are completed, certificates will be provided by Canadian Cosmetic Academy & UHS.

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